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Tienda yoga madrid

Tienda yoga madrid

Tienda yoga madrid

Zafu spain

In our yoga store, you will find a wide range of the best articles and accessories related to Yoga and Meditation. Our selection of products has been made with you in mind, we have a wide range of non-slip yoga mats and a large assortment of zafus and objects for meditation.

We remain at your disposal for any questions or suggestions, offering you a purchase with total security and guarantees, with the right to return the products if they are not to your liking. In addition to the best prices and conditions.

Articulos para yoga

Todos nuestros accesorios para yoga están diseñados exclusivamente por El Yoga Mola. Diseños modernos y actuales, para yoguis como tú, que aún viviendo en la era de las redes sociales, buscan en el yoga el equilibrio en su día a día. Y recuerda, sólo trabajamos con unidades muy limitadas, así que si algo te gusta, ¡no lo dejes escapar!

En nuestros accesorios de yoga sólo utilizamos materiales ecológicos y biodegradables. Todos queremos lo mejor para el planeta y por supuesto para nuestro cuerpo, por eso nuestros productos de yoga están libres de elementos tóxicos y perjudiciales para el medio ambiente.


Our minimalist Yoga Mat Cover makes it easy to transport your yoga mat from home to the studio and on your travels. This lightweight yoga mat cover is made of 100% cotton and is the perfect complement…

This yoga mat harness is very lightweight and sturdy.  It can be used with all of our Yoga mats, except the Jade Travel Yoga Mat, the Jade Voyager Ultra Lightweight Travel Mat and the Jade Voyager Ultra Lightweight Travel…

This yoga accessory is known as a yoga belt, yoga strap or yoga strap. It is used in achieving correct postures, for example to provide the necessary tension, perform deep stretches or hold a posture without…

The yoga belts PRO are ideal for the correct achievement of the postures. With yoga belts you will be able to perform deep stretches and maintain a posture with less effort. Its metal buckle is very easy to adjust and can be…

Cork yoga blocks with beveled edges are a natural and safe alternative to traditional wooden or foam yoga blocks. Cork yoga blocks are ideal for providing additional support, to make you grow…

Xuan lan yoga tent

The lower part is made of a natural rubber base that allows the mat to stick very well to the ground, giving confidence to the yogi in his most challenging asanas (jumps, headstand, balancing poses). The upper part…

Cork offers a lot of comfort: not only does it feel delicious to the touch, but it is also antibacterial, rot-proof and waterproof. It is super easy to clean. Another advantage of cork is that it is thermally insulating from cold and heat….

We love this 100% natural mat that offers a perfect balance between anti-slip and cushioning. The Jade non-slip yoga mat takes advantage of the gripping properties of natural rubber, which absorbs perspiration, to provide the highest slip resistance of any yoga mat…..

This is our favorite extra long yoga mat (188 cm) for tall people. A perfect balance of anti-slip and cushioning. The Jade Harmony Pro Extra Long yoga mat takes advantage of the anti-slip properties of natural rubber, which absorbs and…

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