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Musica mindfulness infantil

Musica mindfulness infantil

Music to meditate children

In this exercise we will try to listen to the sound of an instrument until it stops playing. For this activity we must use instruments with a great vibration such as a Tibetan singing bowl, a harmonizer or a bell.

If you don’t have any handy, you can use a video from the internet or download a mobile app. I recommend the free Insight Timer app, available for iPhone and Android. The sound usually lasts between 30 seconds and a minute.

This game is beautiful. In addition to developing mindfulness it is a wonderful tool for awakening empathy and bonding with siblings, parents or friends.    We sit in pairs facing each other. For a while we have to look into each other’s eyes without losing contact. That will be our focus of attention!

Above all, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and keep it simple. You can try what exercises work best for your children – some will work and some will not. In any case, experimenting is fun!

4:07:35baby sleep music with soft sound of the sea soothe and cassio toledoyoutube – 6 may 2017

Mindfulness is a technique that allows you to put all your awareness in the present moment. Pushing away from your mind any other thoughts that have no place in your head, it is a way to let your mind go blank, focusing only on the subject you are dealing with in the relaxation session.

Hold for as many minutes as possible, finding total relaxation, and feeling what the other person is noticing while looking into our eyes at the same time. A way to train empathy, feeling the same as that other person in front of you.

The calming effect of this sound, when practicing the activities in total silence, is very flattering to prepare for a nap or before going to bed at night. Try it and train mindfulness with your children in a very pleasant way.

One of our favorite mindfulness techniques that we try to practice whenever we can, is to focus our mind on a single thought while taking a walk. The ideal is to go out in nature where there is hardly any noise, but you can also do it in the park, or even in the city in a quieter area with no cars and hardly any people.

Meditation for children

Have you noticed how we can be overcome by a whirlwind of negative thoughts when we feel worried, stressed or nervous? It is normal to anticipate an uncertain future and imagine the worst possible situations. The antidote is to be aware of our thoughts and emotions, and return to the present moment. This helps us to center and stabilize ourselves in times of uncertainty.

It is normal to feel helpless at this time. One way to regain power is to remember that social distancing is a collective action to protect ourselves. You are doing a great thing simply by staying at home. Listen to the following loving-kindness meditation that accounts for this compassionate choice.

It is normal to wake up during the night; the key is to accept it calmly and without getting upset. Use this time to practice some positive relaxation techniques for the body, mind and your well-being.

Music for babies to sleep deeply relaxing music for youtube –

For now we have started with a book that is helping us to introduce mindfulness and to practice it day by day, since different experiences of this technique in the classroom speak of greater creativity in students, better test results, greater ability to collaborate in the classroom, easier to focus attention on something specific (concentration), greater impulse control, more curiosity, greater ability to focus on the present moment and to accept reality.

As I said before, this space will grow, and here I will group all the posts that are related to the topic, since my intention is to introduce different exercises and techniques progressively, I hope we can all feel the benefits!

Hi, I’m Elena, passionate about emotional education and illustrated stories. I hope you enjoy this little corner created to share my experiences as a teacher and some of the activities developed in the classroom.

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