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Lacasatoya del momento

casa rural sierra vicor4,4(18)5,7 km away

Zaragoza Airport 46 MinLugus Space (23 Min)Zaragoza Gate (16 Min)Collegiate Church Of Santa Maria La Mayor, Calatayud (18 Min)Apse, Tower And Cloister Of Mudejar Style And Elaborate Façade Are Part Of This Temple Of Religious Worship. San Andrés Parish Church (17 Min)San Pedro De Los Francos Church (21 Min)Real Colegiata Del Santo Sepulcro (17 Min)San Juan El Real Parish Church (19 Min)Baroque style church, built in the Xvii century, with pendentives decorated with oil paintings by Francisco Goya.Palacio De Los Condes De Argillo (11 Min)Sierra De Vicort (19 Min)Bodegas Langa (11 Min)

Title :Alternative tourism in Zaragoza – La Casa ToyaDescription :Alternative tourism in Zaragoza, Make friends in the middle of nature, practice yoga, meditation, astrology, nutrition, dowsing and bioconstruction…

hotel restaurant marivella4,1(2300)5,9 km away-646 kr

This meditation intensive has the right environment to quiet the mind. Without interruptions, except for food services at the hotel, we will seek to maintain the inner silence and the right attitude to immerse ourselves in it. In the evening, questions arising from the practice will be discussed.

Zafu or meditation stool and blankets for the floor, or whatever you may need for your meditations. We also recommend that you bring water and anything you want to snack on between meals, as it is not possible to bring food from the dining room. Also bring a jacket and boots; to go from the living room to the rooms or the dining room you will have to walk through the village.

arco de san miguel4,3(397)11,3 km away-718 kr

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